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The Maxi Dress is Here to Stay

Once a considered piece solely for warmer temperatures, maxi dresses are actually great for the colder seasons. The key? Wear them over staple footwear, knitwear or your favourite jeans. It would be such a shame to throw your maxi dresses to the back of the wardrobe when they can be used as part of so many different Autumn outfits. I am sure you’ve got some fantastic prints that would be great in the Autumn but you’ve never thought of teaming them up other items you would normally wear in the fall. Well here’s your chance! We’re showing three ways to wear the maxi dress now…

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Earn Your Stripes

The summer of 2018 will always be the summer of the midi dress. That’s just a fact. And the prints? Florals and polka dots have reigned supreme. But what will next season bring for those of us who favour the covered-up, one-item wardrobe wonder? We’ve had a preview, and things are looking very promising for AW18..

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Why the Long….Shorts?

You’ve probably not taken your short shorts off this season as the weather has been scorching. We don’t blame you as they are perfect to keep you cool and still look effortlessly fashionable. Whether paired with your favourite white t-shirt or crop top, your cut off shorts will always be a mainstay of your wardrobe collection. Although the humble cut off shorts are much loved the big hitters of the fashion world have been offering something to offset those teeny shorts. chicher and in our opinion, more sleek than it’s shorter cousin. The Longline Bermuda style shorts are perfect for a special occasion. If you can get a tailored blazer to match your shorts then this is the perfect outfit to wear for a wedding or a christening. If your boss is quite flexible on the uniform front then these are the perfect addition to your workwear, Summer wardrobe.

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