Dresses that out a ‘Spring’ into your Step

Here comes the Spring and we over the moon about it. Throw those big faux fur coats and knitted jumpers to the back of your closet. Our denim jackets, sandals and your favorite lightweight dresses come out to play! But which trends are going to be the bigger hitters of the upcoming season? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you…let us guide you with this list below.

Recently we’ve been seeing people sporting striped prints. It seems the public are currently obsessed with stripes, and we are in total agreement. They give a cool edge to any outfit without veering into the leather biker jacket lane. With the obsession with florals and spots normally taking the helm it’s a refreshing change to everyone’s normal approach.

The sun is cracking the flags outside….and you all know what this means! you need to inject some much needed colour into your closet. Pastels are the go to shades this season so don’t hold back. the more pastels shades the better. Lavender and lemon are going to be the two stand out shades this Summer.

Shirt Dress
Get rid of your boring button down shirts and go for something a bit more luxurious. Try out a fashion forward shirt dress in a glamorous print
Make sure it’s a bit oversized and lightweight to makes sure you’re not overheating in the sunshine, and you’ll feel like you can do anything from bossing a meeting, to after work drinks, you’ll be ready for it!

Maxi Dresses
If you start to see maxi dresses cropping up all over the country then that’s it, you’ve made it to Summer. Nobody would ever wear a maxi dress in Winter unless they’re a sucker for catching a cold and a doubt many people enjoy that. Now’s the perfect time to get out that maxi dress that’s been gathering dust in the corner of your wardrobe!


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