How to Make Baggy Trousers Look Stylish

In the past, I have been guilty of stereotyping when it comes to baggy clothing. I often linked baggy clothing to nipping to the shop in your scruffs to pick some milk up. But as the oversized trend has grown over the years my view of baggy clothing has completely changed. Now baggy clothing can be made to look chic and sophisticated is styles in the right way. I’d go as far to say that baggy pants are rivalling denim jeans this season. Comfort and stylish are what ladies are looking for these days and baggy trousers are the perfect style to help you achieve both. The problem most of us ladies have is figuring out what clothing goes with a baggier silhouette. To try and help we have put together some amazing outfits that will help you nail the trend.

Below the Belt

The key to achieving a feminine silhouette is to make sure at least some clothing you’re wearing is a bit more fitted. In this case, the top half of your outfit. I would wear some beautiful high waisted, paper bag trousers which you can cinch in at the waist with a thick, leather belt. Go for a fitted, fine knit vest top and finish off the outfit with some classy strappy heeled shoes.

Matchy Matchy

So baggy printed trousers can often sound a bit daunting for some of you more minimalist dressers out there but you can keep the prints too low key or you can go all out if you’re more of an extrovert. Check prints are the flavour of the month and this gives you a chance to experiment with colours. I would go for some very bright colours if you’re looking to make a statement or some more neutral tones if you want to keep your outfit a bit more stripped back. Go for a fitted ribbed top in an earthy tone to keep the balance right.

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