Restyle Your Old Wrap Dress

The warp dress. A fashion staple for years gone by and things aren’t about to change. The warp dress became iconic in the 70s and has stuck around ever since. I love my wrap dress. Mines is just a plain black one that I wear for lots of different occasions. Since the wrap dress came into the fold, many designers have put new spins on the classic style.

The wrap dress is perfect for any lady out there and looks fabulous on any body shape. I know that the Autumn is on it’s way but that doesn’t mean you should relegate your wrap dress to the back of your wardrobe. Instead of doing that you need to change your wardrobe around items you want to carry over from the Summer. Try and wear some Winter clothing underneath or over your warp dress to keep it alive.

Playing with Different Fabrics

Just because the fabric of your wrap dress is lightweight there’s no need to stop wearing it. Instead you need to start wearing it with other fabrics such as knitwear, velvet or even leather. This will give the dress some longevity and keep it from the back of the closet for a while longer.

Wear Over your Jeans

Wearing dresses over your jeans is a trend that has gained some traction over the last few years. The wrap dress is no exception. Wear your dress over your ripped jeans and finish off with some knee high boots.

Incorporate Accessories

Give even the most glam dress a day off by wearing them with some sneakers. Go for something like a classic pair of Vans or try the on trend dad sneakers that every fashionista is wearing at the moment.


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