Restyle Your Old Wrap Dress

The warp dress. A fashion staple for years gone by and things aren’t about to change. It’s hard to remember a time when the wrap dress wasn’t a mainstay in our wardrobes. Of course, Diane von Furstenberg can stake her claim to it; it was her who elevated the style to fashion icon status. However, its recent resurgence can be attributed to the street stylers and IT girls who are plastered all over social media.

Big hitting designer brands and high street brands alike have made the wrap dress one of their staple pieces for years now, but the big conundrum is how to style it. When the piece first went boom, it was believed to be a thrown on style that would be great for any occasion. Which is still true, but we’ve started to notice people elevating the style to be styled elegantly to make it look like the height of sophistication.

The elegant wrap dress is perfect for anyone to wear no matter the body shape is extremely flattering, making it one of the most inclusive buys out there. And though we’re transitioning into autumn, your wrap dress doesn’t have to be put to the back of the wardrobe just yet. Whatever the season, you can style them in so many ways; all you need is a bit of 2018 know-how.

Which is where we come in. We’ve tracked down some wrap-dress inspiration from fashion’s coolest corners. Check them out below.

Play With Textures

Just because the fabric of your wrap dress is lightweight there’s no need to stop wearing it. Instead you need to start wearing it with other fabrics such as knitwear, velvet or even leather. This will give the dress some longevity and keep it from the back of the closet for a while longer.

Try Wearing Your Dress Over Jeans

If you haven’t already give the dress-over-jeans look a go, then no is the time you gave it a go. Pop on your favourite ripped skinny jeans; then tie your wrap dress tightly around your waist to create a better silhouette.

Employ Off-Duty Accessories

Give even the most glamorous dresses a downtime spin by wearing them with some sneakers. Go for something like a classic pair of Vans or try the on trend dad sneakers that every fashionista is wearing at the moment.


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