Earn Your Stripes

The summer of 2018 will always be the summer of the midi dress. That’s just a fact. And the prints? Florals and polka dots have reigned supreme. But what will next season bring for those of us who favour the covered-up, one-item wardrobe wonder? We’ve had a preview, and things are looking very promising for AW18.

Street-stylers of the global fashion shows turned up in a multitude of different prints and some of them stole the show. There are some rules that these street stylers tend to follow. The length of the dress is long and covered up, the colour palette is earthy, the sunnies are fresh-as, small, futuristic and retro all at once. We agree with those rules but it’s the prints we saw that we need to investigate further. Animal prints have reigned supreme for some time in the fashion world but it’s the tiger stripes we’re really excited about. Giving all the best safari feels, you’re about to see a lot more of this hero print as we head into the pre Autumn shows. And for the footwear? Tiger stripes look fantastic when incorporated into ankle boots and killer high heels. We know this print is a newbie to the animal print table but we guarantee that that you’re going to see it popping up more and more as the season goes on. If we can give you any advice it is to not rest on your laurels and to add some statement pieces to your wardrobe and be one of the first to earn your stripes. The best thing about these prints is that they have longevity and could become one of your summer’s favourites.

If tiger stripes on something like a maxi dress or a jacket seems a bit daunting then there’s other ways to style the print. There’s some amazing statement jewellery out there at the moment. This gives you chance to slowly ease the print into your wardrobe. Whichever way you want to do it you’ll be roaring about the print in no time.

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