Animal Print Mania

Ahhh Animal print. It’s been circulating around the fashion world since as long as we can remember and it’s not going anywhere yet. As it’s become such a mainstay of the fashion world you need to style it that way. The best way to wear animal print is as if you was wearing the staple black pieces from your closet. Adding some leopard print to an outfit will elevate it to dizzy new heights. Leopard print has often blurred the lines between brash and sexy, but is a print that has never really gone out of the fashion spotlight, no matter how much you try and avoid it, it will always end up back in your wardrobe some how. Leopard print was often associated with rock stars of decades gone by and often looked upon as a rebellious print. Now it is literally everywhere. The high street has embraced it and so have big fashion designers.

Wearing animal print stretches right back to our caveman days. We have been wearing animal print for thousands of years and it is present more than ever in today’s market. Obviously, we are no longer wearing real animal hides and we are not wearing it for survival purposes. We wear animal prints because they look fantastic and it is a timeless print. The amount of animal prints available in today’s market is quite staggering. It was once only leopard print that ladies were wearing but now the likes of snakeskin, cow print and zebra print have all come into the fold.

Many designers have embraced the prints and made them a huge part of their collections. I think that designers have also realised that making animal prints a big part of their ranges is a safe bet as you can wear these styles over and over again.




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