Release Your Inner Animal

Does a leopard ever change its spots? In the fashion world…definitely not! This print has been around since the 50s but it can be traced back to our ancestors thousands of years ago. They used the skin of animals to get them through the colder months. This print is a mainstay of the fashion merry go round and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon. Leopard print is the cornerstone of many ladies wardrobes and has been for decades. It seems that animal print is as strong as ever with influencers and street stylers championing the print all over their social media feeds.

Liz Taylor was one of the first ladies to ever wear the animal print. In my opinion, she made the print as famous as it is today. She was snapped wearing one of Dior’s first animal print swimwear pieces which catapulted both Liz and animal print into the limelight. By the end of the 50s animal print had made it into Vanity Fair and was printed onto ladies lingerie. The print gained a reputation as being rebellious and had a sense of danger involved with it. Talk about releasing your animal instincts.

The demand for real leopard skin then started to gain traction in the 60s. This caused uproar with many factions of the public but unfortunately there was a market for it. Luckily, in today’s market the sale of animal skins is dwindling. The sex appeal was being linked more and more to the print which made sales rocket.

In the 70s the banning of selling skins of endangered animals came into play so the focus was on producing animal print clothing instead of wearing real life leopard skin. As rock n roll became bigger and bigger so did the demand for animal print. The likes of Iggy Pop, The rolling Stones and Sid Vicious all donned the print which then gave it cult status.

Animal print has had a crazy ride to get to where it is today but the print has become timeless and will be a feature in many ladies wardrobes for decades to come.


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