Spring Wardrobe Classics

People have different interpretations of what they consider as ‘Wardrobe Staples’. Which is great but we have two staples that really are must haves in our opinion. They are the building blocks you need to construct the perfect wardrobe. I have collaborated with Boohoo to being you what we consider the perfect wardrobe staples. There are a couple of styles that we literally couldn’t do without as the Spring comes round and we guarantee they will be your wardrobe classics for years going forward. A good wardrobe staple should be something you can wear for any occasion and something you can dress up and down.

Boohoo is a brand that always seem to understand how important a wardrobe staple is, hence why my wardrobe is full of their products. From playsuits to my chunky dad sneakers, they have now started to branch out and get more and more variety on their site.. But my prediction for a spring/summer staple is the long length trench coat, and some amazing fitting jeans. Check out Boohoo’s selection below.

1. Denim Jean

A couple of years back I would have instantly been recommending a pair of skinny jeans but as Bob Dylan once said “Times they are a changing” and we are actually really happy about this. It’s time the skinny jeans were dethroned from the top of the denim hierarchy. They had a fantastic run but now it’s time for a new fit. The Mom jean! Comfortable, high waisted and they fit almost any body shape. But don’t worry about the comfort factor reducing the style of the jeans. These jeans look insanely stylish and we are sure they’re gonna be around for a long time.

1. Trench Coat

The trench coat is a true wardrobe classic. It has been a mainstay of many ladies wardrobe for decades. The trench coat is so versatile that it can be worn with pretty much any outfit. Got a hot date and you want to wear a pretty, floral, ruffle dress? Don’t worry…a trench coat will act as the perfect topper to any outfit that you are planning on wearing for a night out or date night. Bit chilly outside but the sun is shining? Grab your trench coat and wear it on your commute to the office. Cool, sophisticated and effortlessly stylish.


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