Striped Outfits And Ideas


Stripes are so classic and they instantly make any outfit more interesting–they are the perfect go-to and will certainly have a long life ahead. Horizontal and vertical stripes have different effects with generally horizontal ones making your body slimmer whereas vertical ones widen your body. There are various ways of wearing stripes which I am going to share with you lovely ladies!

Pair stripes with a neutral colour if you are new to the world of stripes and not feeling as daring!  A striped skirt with a plain top can look sylish, as can a striped top with a plain skirt or jeans. Emphasize only one part of the body.

If you’re hesitant about stripes,  pinstripes are a great option and  once you feel comfortable in them make your way for wider stripes. Try completing tis chic look with a  blazer and your favourite jewellery piece.

During the colder weather,  when putting on a dress, opt for a block colour coat over your striped dress and tights that are the same colour as the coat. If you are feeling more creative,  then combine the classical black and white striped dress with red tights to be a bit more daring.

Stripes are a pattern that never goes out of style and will be on trend in years to come. I hope a few of these tips will inspire you to let stripes be apart of your wardrobes!

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