Playsuits for comfort and style

The British Summer is almost upon us and as you will well know, the weather in the UK can be very unpredictable, so you need to enjoy them while the sun is still shining. Planning your week is a non starter in the UK as the weather can be beautiful one minute and awful the next. You literally have to play it by ear and make last minute plans that same day. This frantic way of living means that your outfit choices have to be just as spontaneous as your plans. With so little time to put an outfit together in the morning, it is important to figure out what your go to styles are that you can throw on and leave the house within a matter of minutes. There is no better style than a playsuit that can make you look effortlessly stylish.

There are a wide variety of prints that look great when printed on a a playsuit. You can’t go far wrong with a classic floral ditsy print. Feminine, classic and chic, a floral print would be perfect if you’re going on a hot day date with your partner. If you’ve been asked to go for some impromptu, last minute drinks then we would suggest you go for a candy stripe pink. Go for neon colours or soft pastel colours to give your outfit that extra edge. 

If you take a minute to look online or go to any high street store you will see the sheer amount of different playsuits on the high street. Some beautiful playsuits are being produced by many different manufacturers and playsuits are normally sold at very reasonable price points. The likes of TopShop and Boohoo are really pushing the boundaries when it comes to prints and shapes. If, like me, you are a very spontaneous person who likes to make plans that very same day, then get out there and get yourself some playsuits. They are really versatile and look amazing on any body shape. 

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