As Coco Chanel once said; “fashion fades, only style remains”. It’s a quote synonymous with the fashion world and still relevant today. The fact that it’s been printed all over everything from tops and wash bags to bedding and more other random things around the house i can’t even begin to explain. Nevertheless, the statement remains current today. Even to the market today although Coco herself would no doubt hate it. 

Looks change and our personal trends, shapes, styles and routines do too. But i’ve learnt that there are certain things/individuals etc that you love to the extent that they get through those changes and almost become part of your everyday life. For me, that is what defines “remaining style”, even if the whatever-it-is in question isn’t what you’d class as on trend. There are many examples of that in my wardrobe (and life) but the one I’m talking about right now in particular is the colour pink.

I have changed my wardrobe on so many occasions in the past, some trends more cringe than others. Some so cringe they’ve almost been wiped from my mind…unfortunately not from my friends and families. They seem remember them very vividly and don’t let me forget about it in a hurry.. Anyway, back to remaining style and all things pink. Regardless of a certain hue or how heinous the item in question may have been, the colour pink has always been a firm feature of the female (sometimes male) wardrobe.  

The new pink on the block is ‘millennial pink’, a bubblegum shade that is all over the high street at the moment. The soft pink colour has took the fashion world by storm over the past couple of years and its here to stay. It’s not been an easy ride at the top of the colour spectrum war as the not too distant cousin of pink, lilac has managed to hold its own. Maybe it’s the inner little girl in us that keeps me going back to the colour pink. If you get your outfit right you can incorporate pink into any look. Pink, pink to make the boys wink ;-).

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