Slaying in Denim

Getting the right denim jeans can be tricky as you get older. Denim jeans are a  classic piece of everyone’s core fashion repertoire but would you be willing to try something new and new pieces to your jans to elevate the humble style to the next level? Fortunately, denim fashion has come on leaps and bounds since it had a bit of a fashion slump in the 90’s. Double denim is far more acceptable on a global scale and we’re not talking Justin & Britney’s matching denim outfits including matching cowboy hats. It’s far more low key and stylish than that.

We’ve done the legwork and found out what is going to be hot on the denim front this season and what the different high street brands and designers are looking to bring the denim table.

Clashing Prints

Want to make a statement then we would recommend you go for some vibrant, like primary colours such as siren red, cobalt blue and sunshine yellow to pair with your favourite denim jeans. Clash a stripe top with some pastel coloured jeans to really nailed this look.

Unusual details

If extra wide flares are your thing then you’re onto a winner as flares are set to make a return this season. If exaggerated accents are your go to then there’s some amazing blouses with oversized collars out there at the moment.

Go for a Co-ord

You might think we are a bit crazy for suggesting you wear a denim 2 piece. Trust me when I say you will be bang on trend if you go for it. A denim 2 piece co-ord would be the perfect outfit if you’re heading abroad. It’s best to mix and match colours. We’d recommend pastel colours such as lilac and mint green to add a fun twist.



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