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Restyle Your Old Wrap Dress

The warp dress. A fashion staple for years gone by and things aren’t about to change. The warp dress became iconic in the 70s and has stuck around ever since. I love my wrap dress. Mines is just a plain black one that I wear for lots of different occasions. Since the wrap dress came into the fold, many designers have put new spins on the classic style.


Slaying in Denim

Getting the right denim jeans can be tricky as you get older. Denim jeans are a  classic piece of everyone’s core fashion repertoire but would you be willing to try something new and new pieces to your jans to elevate the humble style to the next level? Fortunately, denim fashion has come on leaps and bounds since it had a bit of a fashion slump in the 90’s. Double denim is far more acceptable on a global scale and we’re not talking Justin & Britney’s matching denim outfits including matching cowboy hats. It’s far more low key and stylish than that.