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Celebs in Corduroy

The Autumn is here and we all know what that means? We need to start thinking about what trends and fabrics are going to be big this season. The cold weather is soon to sweep in so preparation is key. We all know too well how fast the UK weather can take a turn for the worst, afterall. One the surprise trends that has come to the forefront is the reemergence of corduroy. Corduroy was huge in the 70s and 80s. It is a durable fabric that looked amazing when styles right. Unfortunately, corduroy soon became linked with geography teachers and scientists. Not that there’s anything wrong with either, it’s just that they’re not really known for their fashion prowess. But times change and so do trends. Some of the corduroy styles being included in some designers collections are beautiful. Some of the most highly regarded celebrities in the fashion world have also jumped onboard with the trend. Read on to see how they have been  incorporating corduroy into their outfits. 


A Guide To What Neckline Is Best For Your Body Shape

Although it might not seem to important to some people when they’re picking an outfit but the neckline you choose can define your full outfit, as they can define what your whole outfit can look like. The right neckline can make people look up at your face, which is important when having a conversation. A button down blouse is always a good investment and since it will last you throughout the colder periods of the year, which you can layer up with other styles. Even with the amount of beautiful tops and blouses out there it can sometimes be difficult to know where you should start when it comes to necklines. Here’s a rundown of some of the necklines that have been amongst the fashion world for as long as I can remember and have a proven track record. 

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Why the Long….Shorts?

You’ve probably not taken your short shorts off this season as the weather has been scorching. We don’t blame you as they are perfect to keep you cool and still look effortlessly fashionable. Whether paired with your favourite crop top or button down blouse, your cut off shorts will always be a mainstay of your wardrobe collection. Although the humble cut off shorts are much loved the big hitters of the fashion world have been offering something as an alternative of cut off denim shorts. chicher and in our opinion, more sleek than it’s shorter cousin. The Longline Bermuda style shorts are perfect for a special occasion. If you can get a tailored blazer to match your shorts then this is the perfect outfit to wear for a wedding or a christening. If your boss is quite flexible on the uniform front then these are the perfect addition to your workwear, Summer wardrobe.

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