Corduroy is Cool

We used to associate corduroy with our old science teachers from high school, but not anymore! Corduroy has built up a cool kid status over the last few decades and we are in total agreement. Prepare to completely banish any misconception you may have had in the past, as we give you some insider tips on how to style this fantastic fabric.

If you’ve ever thought that corduroy was for flared trousers only, then you are so wrong. The freshest way to wear yours? As outerwear of course. We have seen some funky full length corduroy coats that are amazing, although, this could be seen as excessive for you corduroy beginners. We would recommend a denim jacket style corduroy jacket. A nice change to your denim jacket and looks fantastic in loud colours. We particularly like this sort of style in a mustard paired with some flared rust coloured denim jeans.

Another way to style corduroy the right way is to delve into some of the fantastic mens shirts that are currently on the high street. Grab a denim skirt, a white vest top and some loop earrings and grab your boyfriends shirt and throw it on as a jacket. If you’re young, free and single then you can some great corduroy shirts from any of the big hitters such as, TopShop or Boohoo.

So you’re making your foray into corduroy but want to avoid going too dadcore. The key? Switch up the colour and shape. Try a trucker-style jacket which feels all brand new when worn with a matching mini. Skirt suits forever.

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